bojan thai massage

Bojan Babić

An artist by vocation, a cook of 10000 delicious meals and thai massage therapist who combines his love for healing arts and creative expression through various forms of working with the body be it through the means of dance, yoga, chi gong, thai yoga massage and hands on healing or just enjoying the gathering and sharing a freshly baked gingerbread cake. Based in Belgrade, where I work as a thai massage therapist, I am very excited to be traveling and working all over the world, constantly reshaping my practice, meeting new people and exchanging knowledge and wisdom.

In 2005 I started the Tao training with Sanne Burger in The Netherland and in the years to come have practiced in the Healing Tao system, following different Tao workshops, among which Healing Love given by Reinoud Eleveld and Dream Yoga by Juan Li. After a few years of Tao practice I came upon Ancient Thai Massage through my teacher and friend, Sanne Burger. This form of massage opened a new path in the way I have been perceiving life and the amazing properties of the body to heal itself. After an intense learning period, I became a certified Ancient Thai Masseur in 2009 and the following two years  assisted Sanne Burger with her ATM School. For bringing me into the knowledge, path and wisdom of the Tao and Ancient Thai Massage as a teacher and friend, I am deeply grateful.

Since then my path led me through various highs and lows, testing the very essence of my being. Luckily with diligent practice and love from friends and family my path brought me to deeper and broader planes of healing and body work. Thankful for having the opportunity to learn from different amazing teachers on my way like Krishna Takis Oekonomi, David Lutt and Till Heeg.