Title Course

Bojan Babić

Bojan is a certified thai massage therapist who combines his love for healing arts and creative expression through various forms of working with the body. His Thai Massage journey started with Taoistic practices and meditations, which led him to a deeper connection to the healing capacities of the body and resulting in his certification by his teacher Sanne Burger as an Ancient Thai Massage Therapist in 2009. Since then he has been traveling the world learning with different teachers about the art of touch. In the last years he has been intensively studying and assisting with Krishnataki and David Lutt. Currently on a deepening journey of Master Osteothai with the osteopaths David Lutt and Jorg Schürpf.
With the blessings of his teachers, Bojan is wholeheartedly teaching various modules of thai massage around the world.

Thai In Flow

Thai In Flow stands for therapeutic, healing, altruistic, intention to create a connection to each other through mindful presence, simplicity and truthfulness of touch.

As everything in nature is prone to movement and change, so is the capacity of ones mind, body and soul to connect to the micro and macro elements of life, creating health, abundant potential and peace with-in and with-out.

Bearing that in heart, Thai In Flow is there to create space and possibility for the seeds of unlimited potential in each and everyone of us to envelope, grow and reach fruition.

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