Thai Abdominal Massage


As a part of thai therapy and massage, thai abdominal massage is a crucial element of healthy connectedness to ones body.

By connecting to our belly and our organs we connect on a deeper level with ourselves not only physically, but emotionally and energetically as well.

Every organ has its special physiological function and is connected with the rest of the body. A lack of function in one area, affects the whole system bringing disbalance in the body leading to lack of health.

This state of lack of health may create a range of dis-orders that quite quickly have an impact on our mood and behavior, linking the organ system very closely to our psycho-emotional state. The language is very rich with phrases connecting the organs and emotions : to have a broken heart, to have the guts, to take the breath away…

Each organ corresponds to a certain emotion : lungs to anxiety and grief, kidneys and colon to fear, creating diarrhea or constipation, depending on the person. Anger is often linked to the liver and worries to the stomach, the skin to stress creating acne, eczema, psoriasis..



By introducing a very mindful and gentle touch we begin a communication with the organs and connective tissues in order to move, clean and get rid of the stagnant residue physically and emotionally.

Using oil and working through different layers of skin, fascia, muscle and organs we very carefully vitalize, strengthen and connect all the layers of the abdomen to the rest of the body.

A feeling of peace, more ‘space’ in the belly, easiness in breathing will be present after a 40-60 min treatment given on a therapeutical table or a mat.


BENEFITS of abdominal massage are many and here are some :

helps digestion and metabolic functions

reduces stress, anxiety, nervousness

good for constipation, cramps, gas

beneficial for menstrual issues

brings relief to fascia and muscles

beneficial for lower back problems

can help against depression and emotionally related disorders

increases a fresh and regular flow of blood and lymph


IT IS IMPORTANT to mention any irregularities, pains, ulcers, gall or kidney stones, etc… to the therapist BEFORE the treatment and get an approval from your doctor might that be necessary for your particular condition.