Title Course

About Thai Massage

Thai massage is an ancient healing art.

It is a communication through touch. The practice of Thai Massage originates back thousands of years in Buddhist temples. Doctor Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, the Buddha’s physician over 2,500 years ago, is entitled as the founder of medicine and Thai massage. Ancient documents praise him for his extraordinary medical skills, his knowledge of herbal medicine.

By massaging along the energy lines – Sen or Sib Sen – working on the physical body, tensions and blockages soften, resulting in better general health on the physical, emotional and mental level.

Thai massage has a holistic approach that sees and treats people as a whole, including the spiritual aspects of the self. It is a dialogue between two people and finally a communication to oneself. This way of working with the body creates an in-depth connection with the musculoskeletal system and creates space for deeper emotional and mental understanding.

Thai massage is practiced down to earth on a futon. The client wears comfortable loose clothes.


Thai massage is a path, a way of life.

It is a meditation in motion that practices and brings the highest qualities of human potential. Thai massage is not about technique. Rather it is a way to find truth within and from that space of self love and creativity connect to the world around us.

The full Basic Thai massage course consists of a 10 – day training trajectory. Depending on the venue where the course is given, it can be a 10 consecutive days course or can be split in two 5 – day workshops.

For more information about the training contact us directly or see the schedule for upcoming workshops.


(Basic Thai – I modul)

In the first part of the Basic course we investigate the quality and different possibilities of touch. Gentleness and solidity of touch, combined with a meditative and emphatic intention create a heart opening environment for clear, unobstructed communication. Listening with our hands, hearing with our heart. We will get introduced to the energy lines and working with acupressure and stretches. Giving a great deal of attention to the principles of Thai massage such as using gravity, perfect fit, good body posture, effortless movement etc. Finally learning a sequence that will cover a variety of four positions of practicing Thai massage ( supine, side, sitting and prone ).


(Basic Thai – II modul)

In the second modul of the Basic course our focus will be on combining already learnt techniques with new ones. Using static and dynamic techniques we will learn to create a flow unique for every body. Freeing the intuition and connecting from the heart will be a key element in this module of the training.

A generous part of the program will focus on common therapeutic applications for symptoms such as lower back pain, fatigue, neck and shoulder tensions, headache, etc.


Dynamic Thai Massage is an inspiring way of cultivating and restoring mobility in the body through passive movement. Dynamic Thai Massage is based on gentle rocking, oscillatory and harmonic motions of different body parts to restore lost rhythm. Some of the techniques come directly from Thai Massage, and some from Osteopathy (harmonic techniques, general treatment).

It is a unique way to bring back lost or impaired mobility in the musculoskeletal system, improve the circulation of fluids (blood and lymph) and bring calmness and balance in the nervous system. It is truly an embodiment of meditation in movement.

The „dynamic way“ of Thai Yoga Massage is deeply inspired by Ajahn Chaiyut Priyasith and re-invented by David Lutt and Krishnataki, blending traditional eastern style with modern osteopathic principles and techniques into a sacred dance of metta = loving kindness.

This form holds the potential to inspire and to bring joy, creativity and happiness in your way of giving bodywork.

Some Thai Massage Benefits


For the GIVER, Dynamic Thai Massage is an opportunity:

  • to improve fluidity, precision and transitions in giving massage,
  • to be creative, joyful and happy while working,
  • to develop your touch while working on the mechanic, liquid and energetic levels.

For the RECEIVER, Dynamic Thai Massage is a chance:

  • to recover mobility and freedom in your musculoskeletal system,
  • to improve the circulation of fluids (blood and lymphatic systems),
  • to re-establish a good energetic circulation,
  • to release the nervous system.